Top 6 Best AI Marketing Tools to Grow Your Online Business in 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought a revolution in marketing. AI-powered tools are making marketing easier, faster, and more effective for businesses of all sizes.

In this detailed guide, we will explore the top AI marketing tools that can help you promote your business online, attract more customers, and outpace your competition in 2024.


AI Marketing

Marketing a business online today requires a diverse range of skills - content writing, design, video production, social media management, and more. Doing all this manually requires extensive effort and time.

AI has stepped in to automate most marketing activities, reducing the workload significantly. Smart AI tools can now assist you with content generation, visual asset creation, website building, social media management, and more.

This means even small teams and bootstrapped startups can implement powerful marketing campaigns that drive real results.

So, let's look at some amazing AI marketing assistants to add to your tech stack in 2024.


1. GravityWrite - The AI Content Writer

High-quality, well-researched and engaging content remains one of the best ways to attract customers online. But writing fresh blogs, website pages, and social media posts every day can be draining.

This is where GravityWrite comes in - your AI-powered writer and content strategist!

How It Works

With GravityWrite, you simply enter the topic you want content for, and it generates blog posts, social media posts, webpage copy and more within seconds.

For example, if you ask it to write a blog post on "Benefits of Yoga", it will research the topic and write a detailed engaging blog for you.


Some key features GravityWrite

a) One-Click Content Generation

No need to keep writing prompts over and over. Just enter the topic and output type - blog, social post, etc. and GravityWrite will get the job done.

b) Complete Brand Content Package

The best part is GravityWrite can create ALL the content you need to build your online PredisAIsence - homepage, about us, services, lead magnets, ads and more using just your business information.

Simply provide details about your business, and GravityWrite will generate tailored content optimized for your brand. This can include:

  • Homepage
  • About Us
  • Services/Product pages
  • Lead magnets and freebies
  • Website popups
  • Email scripts
  • Social media posts
  • Ads copies

This complete brand content package enables you to build and promote your website rapidly without writing everything from scratch.


Benefits of GravityWrite

  • Create unlimited optimized content on demand
  • Build a complete website in less time
  • Well-researched articles with facts and stats
  • Errors and plagiarism-free (96% unique score)
  • SEO friendly (includes keywords)
  • Engaging and readable content

GravityWriteWrite takes away the headache of churning out content every day so you can focus on other aspects of your business.


2. CodeDesign - DIY Website Builder With AI

A custom website is crucial for establishing brand authenticity and trust. However, hiring web developers and designing a site from scratch can be complex and costly.

CodeDesign makes website creation a breeze. It enables anyone to create stunning customized websites for their business or brand in minutes with zero coding required.

Here's How It Works:

CodeDesign is based on a unique AI technology that generates websites based on your PredisAIferences and inputs.

To create a site, simply describe what your website is about and the look you want. The AI will instantly generate a complete professional-looking website tailored for your business.

You can tweak the design, content, and images as per your needs. The AI also writes optimized copy for all the pages like About Us, Services, Contact Us, etc.

Once done, you can PredisAIview the site and publish it with one click. You can even connect your own domain.


  • Beautiful websites created in record time
  • No design or coding skills needed
  • AI generates content for all pages 
  • Customizable design and images
  • Quick publishing and domain connection

CodeDesign enables anyone to DIY a website that rivals what professionals can create. Great for entrepreneurs, creators, agencies and businesses of all types.


3. Creator Kit - AI Product Image Generator

High-quality product photos are crucial for elevating your e-commerce store or brand. However, hiring photographers for product shoots can be really expensive.

This is where Creator Kit comes in. It lets you easily create stunning product images from basic photos using the power of AI.

How It Works:

With Creator Kit, you simply upload a regular photo of your product. The AI will remove the background, arrange the product on a professional background and render beautifully lit product images.

You can select the style you want - minimal, colourful, natural, etc. and keep rerendering until you get amazing product shots.

Some benefits:

  • Create professional product images instantly
  • No photo shoots required
  • Background removal and enhancement
  • Multiple styles - minimal, colourful, etc.
  • Download in high-resolution

Creator Kit helps you shoot product images that drive sales without spending thousands on photographers and studios.


4. Waymark - AI Video Creator for Ads

Video content gets the maximum engagement online. However, filming professional videos requires video production skills and costs.

Waymark can instantly create stunning promotional videos customized for your business by analyzing your website content and assets.

Here's How Waymark Works:

Simply enter your website URL. Waymark will go through your website and automatically extract information about your products, services, and brand value proposition to create a video script.

You can provide additional guidelines on what to focus on in the video. Finally, Waymark will generate an amazing video ad using your website visuals and content that you can use for all platforms.


  • Auto-generates video ads tailored to your brand 
  • Uses website content so no writing is needed
  • Editable - change text, visuals, CTA
  • Creates social media and YouTube promo videos
  • Saves thousands of dollars


5. PredisAI - Social Media Post Maker

Creating captivating social media posts consistently can be challenging. Thankfully, PredisAI makes it super easy to use artificial intelligence.

PredisAI enables you to generate eye-catching social media posts in just minutes by automatically putting together visuals, text, and designs tailored to your content.

How PredisAI Works:

Just enter what your post is about. PredisAI will suggest templates or you can choose one. It will generate posts with graphics, images and text customized for your topic.

You can tweak the post as needed. When done, you can directly publish to your social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and more.

Key Benefits:

  • Saves hours of design time
  • No graphic design skills required
  • Choose from numerous templates
  • Add your brand visuals
  • Post to multiple platforms
  • Schedule your posts

If you manage social media for a brand or business, PredisAI can make your job much easier and more efficient.


6. Google Workspace Assistant

Google Workspace apps like Gmail, Docs, and Sheets are used by millions daily. Google is now incorporating AI capabilities into these apps to boost productivity.

For example, Gmail now has a "Smart Compose" feature that suggests full sentences or even entire emails as you type.

Similarly, Docs has a "Smart Editing" tool that fixes grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors for you. This AI assistant can help you get work done faster.

Some key features:

a) AI Writing Aid

The "Smart Compose" and "Smart Editing" tools act like an AI writing assistant inside Gmail and Docs, cutting writing time significantly.

b) Automated Data Organization

Sheets can now automatically create tables, charts, and diagrams when you describe what you need. No need to manually format data.

c) Email Summarization

"Document Understanding" summarizes long emails into concise points so you can grasp key actions quickly.


  • AI aids for writing and proofing
  • Automate organizing data
  • Summarize long texts
  • Works across Google Workspace apps
  • Available for free to all users

This AI assistant ensures you work smarter, not harder.



The age of AI is here and these tools showcase how AI can elevate marketing results for any business while saving hours of work.

Whether you want to automate content creation, design visual assets quicker, or manage social media intelligently, AI marketing assistants have your back.

Adopting these innovative tools will help drive more sales, traffic, and ROI from your marketing in 2024 even with limited resources.

Let us know which AI marketing tools you found most useful!


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