Top 9 Fiverr Gigs to Promote in 2024 (Sells Like Crazy)

As an affiliate marketer, promoting services on Fiverr can be extremely lucrative. With over 5 million gigs available, there is endless potential to match offers to audiences and earn generous commissions in the process.

In this post, we'll explore some of the most profitable and unique Fiverr gigs affiliates can endorse to make great money.


An Overview of Fiverr Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

For those new to the concept, Fiverr offers an affiliate program where you can promote gigs and earn commissions when users purchase services through your referral links.

The Fiverr affiliate program offers some attractive benefits:

  • $15-$50 CPA Commission on all first-time purchases referred by you, or
  • $10 CPA + 10% Commission on all repeat purchases by referred users.
  • Quick approval and easy access to promotional resources
  • Payouts via PayPal, wire transfer and other convenient options

This means you can potentially double your money on every new customer's first buy. And continue earning passive income from their ongoing activity!

Next, let's look at some of the best gig areas to focus your affiliate efforts on maximum commissions:


1. Video Testimonials - An Endless Need

Every business needs social proof through customer testimonials. As an affiliate, promote gigs offering customized video testimonial creation services.

Emphasize key benefits in your campaigns:

  • Professional, high-quality video production
  • Authentic-looking reviews that build trust
  • Completely customized to their brand

Many buyers will order multiple testimonial videos - earning you steady commissions.

Promotion Tips:

  • Target B2B companies, law firms, medical clinics etc.
  • Run LinkedIn ads showcasing video testimonial examples
  • Write reviews on how testimonials increased conversions 


2. Viral Marketing Stunts - Go Wild!

Brands are constantly seeking new ways to create viral buzz and social media chatter. That's where wacky marketing stunt gigs come in!

As an affiliate, tap into buyers' appetite for outrageous stunts like public dance performances, flash mobs, crazy challenges etc.

Promotion Ideas:

  • Spotlight real stunt examples on a dedicated social media page
  • Run Facebook ads targeted at agencies and consumer brands 
  • Write blog posts on brands that boosted awareness through stunts

Viral stunt gigs can be quite lucrative, especially around major marketing campaigns and product launches.


3. Pre-Made Website Templates - Easier Than Custom Sites

Building a website from scratch is complicated. That's why gigs offering pre-made website templates for industries like restaurants, law firms, clinics, etc. are so popular.

As an affiliate, market these as affordable solutions for small businesses compared to developing a fully custom website.

Affiliate Marketing Tactics:

  • Showcase web templates through an affiliate review site or YouTube channel
  • Target micro-influencers in relevant niches to promote templates for commissions
  • Create comparison articles on custom-built vs pre-made website costs

The pre-made website templates niche provides steady potential commissions.


4. Budget Website Builders - Undercut Competitors

New website builders on Fiverr driving sales through budget pricing are ripe for affiliation. Promote gigs that offer complete sites for as low as $10 initially.

This allows them to quickly accumulate reviews and level up on Fiverr - before raising prices. You earn hefty commissions during the crucial early phase.

Promotion Strategies:

  • Spotlight tech influencers on YouTube or TikTok providing website reviews
  • Use Google/Facebook ads to target startups and small business owners  
  • Create step-by-step guides on launching a website on a shoestring budget

Positioning the right website builder gigs as ultra-affordable solutions can convert extremely well.


5. Showcase Hidden Talents - Find Your Niche

Some Fiverr freelancers make money by showcasing unusual talents on video or offering lessons. As an affiliate, you can find profitable niches and match gigs to the right audiences. 

For instance, promote tongue-rolling lessons to magic enthusiasts. Or connect a Rubik's cube-solving blindfolded gig to puzzle lovers.

Affiliate Marketing Ideas:

  • Curate video examples highlighting the unique talents on social media
  • Target online groups/forums around the niche talents  
  • Create listicles like "7 Weird Skills People Are Making Money from on Fiverr"

Finding the perfect audience for quirky gigs can produce results. Include your affiliate links!


6. Physical Product Sampling - Get New Stuff

One evergreen category is gigs offering product sampling in exchange for video/written reviews. As an affiliate, you can cover this from multiple angles:

  • Review gigs themselves, revealing how the process works
  • Showcase sponsors providing free samples to build authority
  • List deals sites sharing the best freebie offers

Promotion Tactics:

  • Target deal-hunting communities and bargain shoppers
  • Partner with savings blogs/channels by providing content
  • Use display ads focused on free samples and promotions

The product sampling niche intersects nicely with multiple affiliate marketing verticals.


7. Reputation Management - Everyone Needs It

Written brand/product reviews on platforms like Yelp, Google, and Amazon are the bread and butter of reputation management gigs. These present solid affiliation potential.

Position your campaign around the importance of online reviews for local/online businesses along with showcasing freelancers skilled at acquiring them.

Affiliate Marketing Ideas:

  • Create detailed guides on managing online reputation
  • Interview freelancers about optimum review writing strategies
  • Compare gigs based on the volume of reviews garnered for clients

Carefully crafted content combined with affiliate links can attract business buyers to this evergreen field.


8. Outsource Facebook Monetization - A Global Opportunity

Facebook monetization limitations in many countries create demand for gigs that handle page monetization in exchange for a revenue share. This presents a prime cross-border affiliate opportunity.

Target your campaigns to Facebook page creators in countries like Indonesia, Egypt, Nigeria etc. where monetization rules are restrictive.

Affiliate Marketing Approaches:

  • Curate posts on country-specific FB monetization issues
  • Spotlight freelancer profiles successfully monetizing foreign pages
  • Review processes step-by-step from page setup to revenue withdrawal

You can potentially promote high-ticket packages to established page owners in this niche.


9. User-Generated Content - Made for Gen Z & Millennials

Brands increasingly use TikTok-style User Generated Content (UGC) for authentic product promotion aimed at younger demographics.

As an affiliate, tap into this social commerce trend by promoting creative freelancers adept at crafting viral UGC videos for brands across niches.

Affiliate Marketing Tactics:

  • Feature UGC content examples on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube
  • Target startups developing Gen Z-oriented products
  • Partner with TikTok influencers to co-promote UGC gigs

The rise of UGC represents an affiliate goldmine - get ahead of the curve!


Final Tips on Affiliating Profitable Fiverr Gigs

  • Always emphasize key buyer benefits like savings, convenience, trust
  • Hyper-target your campaigns to audiences that need the services
  • Provide helpful content and resources - not just sales pitches
  • Build relationships with influencers and partners in your niche
  • Stay on top of Fiverr category trends to find newly emerging opportunities

Online services offer endless affiliate potential if you identify profitable niches and craft compelling marketing campaigns. 

Use this guide to explore how promoting hot unique Fiverr gigs can become a significant source of commissions.

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