How to Make Your First $1000 with (4 Practical Step-by-Step Methods)

Ready to tap into the power of to start earning money online?

By the end of this guide, you'll have actionable steps to go from $0 to your first $1000 using this amazing software platform.

Let's dive in!


What is and why Should You Care?

For those new to, it is an all-in-one business platform for building successful online businesses.

You can create websites, high-converting sales funnels, email marketing campaigns, webinars, membership sites, and more to generate leads and sales on autopilot.

This means you don't have to pay for or integrate multiple pieces of software. has everything neatly bundled into one beautiful ecosystem.

Key Benefits of Using

  • 100% free to start - no credit card required
  • Drag and drop builder for easy creation
  • Built-in email marketing with unlimited contacts
  • Hosted blog to establish authority 
  • Courses to generate passive income
  • Built-in affiliate program to make money promoting

The best part? offers a 100% free plan to get started with no strings attached. This allows you to literally build an entire online business without paying a dime.

As your business grows over time and starts generating consistent revenue, you can always upgrade to higher plans with more features. But the free plan is a great way to get your feet wet.

Now let me show you exactly how to tap into this opportunity and start earning money with in multiple ways.


Method 1: Become an Affiliate

Why Promote Simply put - stellar commissions.

You earn 60% recurring payouts for every converted lead. So, if someone signs up for a $100/month plan, you get $60 per month in passive income. Not bad! also provides:

  • Custom affiliate portal to track stats
  • Cookies last for 120 days
  • Lifetime monthly payouts
  • Detailed analytics on your traffic and commissions
  • Pre-designed banners, text links and other promo tools
  • Personal affiliate manager for optimization

This means even if someone only joins the free plan today through you, but upgrades to a paid plan months or years later, you still earn the commission. Pretty cool!

And since offers so much value, most users do end up upgrading over time as their business and needs grow.


How to Promote as an Affiliate

So, how do you actually promote to start earning affiliate commissions?

Here are 3 powerful tactics:

1. Create YouTube Tutorials

Creating step-by-step video tutorials is hands down one of the best ways to promote as an affiliate.

These "how-to" videos work extremely well, especially if you teach people something useful.

Walk people through exactly how the software works and provide demo examples of building websites and funnels inside the platform.

At the end of the video, call viewers to "get started today with" and link them to your affiliate URL in the video description.

2. Write In-depth Blog Reviews

If creating videos isn't your style, focus on long-form written tutorials. Show people exactly how to navigate with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

Sprinkle your affiliate links throughout the article for those ready to sign up after reading your helpful guide.

3. Promote on Social Media

Finally, promote your affiliate link directly on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora and LinkedIn.

For example, you can share your YouTube tutorials or blog content on your social channels.

The key is to provide value, educate people about, and invite them to sign up via your affiliate link.

So, in summary, provide value to your audience by showing them exactly how works through tutorials and reviews across multiple channels.

Then invite them to sign up via your special affiliate link to earn commissions. This will convert extremely well over the long run.

Next, let's explore additional ways to make money with beyond just affiliate promotions.


Method 2: Give Away Pre-Built Funnels & Websites

The next profitable method is to build done-for-you funnels and websites inside to give away for free. makes it simple to export and share funnels and websites you create on the platform.

For example, let’s say you create a high-converting funnel or website template for dentists to generate new patient leads. You can approach local dental clinics and make this offer:

"I’ve built this funnel/website that will get you more patients. I will give you full access to this funnel for free. All I ask is for you to sign up for a free account so you can access and deploy the funnel. There are no catches and no credit card required.”

This provides massive value to any business. And in exchange for giving them access to a fully operational lead generation machine, you get a few things in return:

  • A new user signup
  • A new lead/sale attached to your affiliate ID
  • Potential to offer customized services

It’s a straightforward win-win exchange. And the best part? makes it super easy to share funnels and websites with just a few clicks.

Here are the exact steps to execute this model beautifully:

  • Find struggling businesses that need more customers
  • Research to identify their biggest challenges 
  • Design a tailored funnel or website in that solves their top struggle
  • Reach out and offer them the digital asset 100% free, in exchange they create a account via your affiliate link

This is an extremely compelling "give to get" exchange.

So put your skills to work. Build some high-quality funnels and site templates tailored to different industries like:

  • Local plumber funnel
  • Yoga studio funnel 
  • Sales funnel templates
  • Niche blog templates
  • Lead magnet funnel

Then approach offline businesses that would benefit from using them. Or offer them for free on forums and social media to establish authority.

This lead-generation tactic works extremely well and provides immense value.


Method 3: Give Away Free Online Courses comes built-in with elegant course creation functionality.

You can quickly design gorgeous online courses, establish yourself as an authority, and monetize through affiliate marketing.

Why Give Courses Away for Free?

People are skeptical of paying for online courses today given intense competition from platforms like Udemy and SkillShare with rock-bottom pricing.

Instead, leverage free courses to:

  • Attract a steady stream of inbound leads
  • Establish expertise around topics you teach
  • Build relationships and trust with students
  • Cross-sell other paid offerings once trust is built

Essentially it turbocharges your marketing and positions you as a helpful expert rather than "just another course creator."

Monetization Model 1: Affiliate Promotions

The simplest monetization model is directly promoting affiliate offers within your free courses.

For example, create a course on "Affiliate Marketing for Beginners." Teach core concepts then showcase awesome tools like they can leverage to expedite success.

Sprinkle your affiliate links throughout each module and cash in every time someone joins to put what they learned into action!

This model works extremely well to diversify income beyond just course sales.

Monetization Model 2: Tripwire Offer

Another smart model is creating a "tripwire offer" at the end of your free course.  

A tripwire is typically a very low-cost ($5-$15) highly valuable offer that continues building on what was taught in the course.

For example, let's say you create a Social Media Marketing course. The tripwire could be access to a private community you manage for $10 per month.

This helps further student success with expert coaching while providing you with reliable monthly income.


Method 4: Launch Your Own Digital Product Business

The final way to start earning a consistent $1000+ per month with is by launching your own digital product business.

For example, you could create helpful online courses, ebooks, video training series, graphics templates, Lightroom presets, Excel templates, stock photos and much more.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to digital products because it’s just packaged information delivered digitally.

With, you get all the tools necessary:

  • Easy course builder 
  • Drag and drop sales funnel creator
  • Built-in affiliate program
  • Email marketing system
  • And more...

So don’t limit yourself to just promoting as an affiliate. You have the power to also create and sell your own products online.

And having your own digital products is one of the most powerful assets you can have online since it allows you to earn 100% of the profits.

For starters, focus on building digital products around topics you are very knowledgeable or passionate about. Identify a specific problem your target customer has, and craft helpful solutions for them.

With a solid digital product and some simple traffic strategies outlined in this article, you can easily start earning $1000+ in consistent passive income.

And remember, you can always sell or promote other people's products through affiliate marketing as well.

So, leverage platforms like ClickBank, ShareASale and more to find affiliate opportunities in your niche.

By promoting various affiliate products AND selling your own digital products, you have multiple streams of online income...all powered by!


Final Words

Now you are equipped and empowered to start earning your first $1000 with by taking action on these techniques:

  1. Affiliate Program
  2. Local Lead Gen Sites and Funnels
  3. Giveaway Free Online Courses
  4. Launching Digital Products

I hope you found tremendous value in this upgraded premium guide!

You have all the tools needed...and best of all a $0 budget is required to get started thanks to's generous free plan.

So here is to your new life journey of freedom, fulfilment and financial prosperity! Go forth and make it happen!


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