Forget DropShipping - TikTok Shop Affiliate Marketing is the New Gold Rush

Have you heard about this crazy new way people are making money on TikTok? It's called TikTok Shop affiliate marketing.

In this post, I'll explain everything you need to know to get started making bank as a TikTok Shop affiliate. Trust me, you don't want to sleep on this massive opportunity!


How I Discovered the Power of TikTok Shop Affiliates

Let me start by telling you how I first stumbled upon TikTok Shop affiliate marketing.

I follow this one TikTok creator who doesn't have a ton of followers. Maybe like 500 or so. She wasn't anything special.

But then, one day she posted a video about some snail mucin skincare product. And that video absolutely blew up! It got over 6 million views.

I was like, huh??? How did she go from 500 views to 6 MILLION overnight?

When I watched her video, I noticed she tagged the product. And that's when it hit me - she was using TikTok Shop's affiliate program!

Of course, I immediately went to buy the product through her link. And I'm sure the 6 million other people who watched did the same!

That's when I realized just how powerful TikTok Shop affiliate marketing is. This random girl earned over $18,000 in commissions from ONE video. Life-changing money!

I knew then and there I had to get in on this affiliate gold rush.


Tick Tock Shop Affiliate is the New Gold Rush

TikTok Shop combines two of the hottest opportunities right now:

  1. TikTok's massive audience
  2. Affiliate marketing

It's no wonder affiliates on TikTok are making money hand over fist.

You've probably seen videos on your For You page with products tagged. If you click on that tag, it takes you to a product page within TikTok to complete the purchase.

And when you buy through that link, the creator makes a commission! It's ingenious.

TikTok Shop is still relatively new and not oversaturated yet. But it's growing like crazy. There's never been an easier way to make money on TikTok.

This is a gold rush opportunity you need to act on ASAP before it's too late.


How Tick Tock Shop Affiliate Marketing Works

Here's a quick overview of how TikTok Shop affiliate marketing works:

1. Apply to join TikTok Shop: Creators sign up as an affiliate in the TikTok app. You need 5k+ followers.

2. Add products to promote: Browse the TikTok Shop marketplace and add products to your virtual showcase.

3. Create videos featuring products: Publish TikTok videos showcasing and reviewing products from your showcase.

4. View earnings: When viewers purchase through your link, you earn a commission! Paid out directly by TikTok.

It's so simple. No middlemen or networks to deal with. TikTok pays you directly.

The commission rates vary depending on the product but tend to range from 5-20%. Not bad for posting a few fun product reviews and cashing TikTok checks!


How Much Money Can You Really Make?

You're probably wondering... How much can I realistically earn with TikTok Shop affiliate marketing?

Let me tell you, the earning potential is truly uncapped. Remember that girl I told you about earlier? She made $18k from one video!

The product she promoted sold $124k just from her ONE video.

And that product wasn't even anywhere close to the top-selling item on TikTok Shop. Some products have made over $1 MILLION in sales!

Just imagine what you could make if you promoted a hot product and your video went viral. You'd be set for life with just one video!

But you don't need to go viral to earn great money with this. Even micro-influencers are cashing in big time.

Let me give you another example...

This one girl had a video with only 1,270 views. But she still earned $123 in sales, which is about $20 profit. 

That was from a simple slideshow video that took maybe 5 minutes to make. Easy money!

As you can see, any normal person can make sales and earn commissions thanks to TikTok's massive built-in audience.


Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Started

If you want to jump on this money train, here's a step-by-step guide to getting started:

Step 1: Apply for TikTok Shop

Go to the TikTok Shop seller application page. Tap the QR code with the TikTok app to apply. 

Fill out some basic info to set up your seller account. You must be 18 years and above and have 5,000+ followers.

Step 2: Add Products to Promote

Browse the TikTok Shop product marketplace to find items you want to promote. Search for products offering free samples!

Add products to your virtual showcase. Then you can watch the sales roll in.

Step 3: Create Engaging Videos

Start publishing TikTok videos featuring products from your showcase. Try on clothes, demonstrate gadgets, and review beauty items.

Make sure to tag each product so you get credit for any sales.


Pro Tips for High-Converting Videos

Want your videos to pop off and generate fat commissions? Use these pro tips:

  • Authenticity sells - Don't be too polished or staged. Show real reactions.
  • Spotlight benefits - Share how the product improves your life. People love to hear genuine experiences.
  • Stretch it out - Make videos 30 seconds or longer. TikTok pushes longer vids.
  • Soft call to action - End with "shop this in my TikTok store" - don't sound pushy.

That's all it takes! Show off products you love in a fun, authentic way. Then cash those commission checks. 💰


Join the Gold Rush Before It's Too Late!

As you can see, TikTok Shop affiliate marketing is an absolute gold rush opportunity.

With TikTok's massive built-in audience, affiliate marketers are making more money than ever before.

Even regular creators are earning life-changing income from this.

But it's still early, so you have a chance to get in before things get oversaturated. Don't sleep on this!

Follow the steps above to get approved as a TikTok Shop seller, add some products to promote, and start creating fun videos.

Before long, you could be earning some major side income or even replacing your job!

Hop on this money train and take advantage of TikTok Shop affiliate marketing. This gold rush won't last forever!

Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm happy to help get you set up for success.

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