Types of Social Media Content That Drives Sales in 2024

Social media marketing has become one of the fastest and most effective ways to increase sales, customers, and revenue for businesses.

But simply showing up and posting any type of content is not enough to make a real impact.

To build meaningful relationships with customers and drive sales, you need to create and share the right kind of content in the right way.

I've discovered there are five different types of content that allow you to deeply connect with your audience.

Let's dive in!


1. Core Content: Share Your Mission, Values, and Story

Core content revolves around your personal or business philosophy - what you believe and why it's important.

This is your opportunity to bond with customers over shared values and attract your ideal type of customers.

Sometimes you can directly state your values and beliefs. For example, as a waffle lover, I might post “Waffles are way better than pancakes because the little pockets keep the syrup in and they’re so crispy and delicious!

Other times, you can showcase them more subtly by mentioning your interests, tools you use, items in your office, etc. Anything that reflects your influences.

You can also share your origin story - why you started your business, what problem you wanted to solve, and why you keep doing it today.

Stories connect us, so don't be afraid to share your personal story or behind-the-scenes updates from your everyday life.

You don't need profound or emotional content all the time. Just giving a real look into your day-to-day is enough to create a genuine connection with your audience.


2. Contrarian Content: Challenge Industry Norms

Contrarian content respectfully explains why the normal or generally accepted way of doing things in your industry is flawed.

Provide logical reasons why it’s misguided and the consequences of blindly following popular myths.

For example, you could explain that simply creating great content alone won’t grow your online business.

To see real results, you also need foundational marketing strategies in place to get that content in front of your ideal audience.


3. Consult Content: Provide How-To Value

Also called “how-to content”, this type provides step-by-step advice to help your audience accomplish goals and complete tasks.

Teaching something useful related to your niche establishes your expertise.

While important for credibility, purely factual how-to content can feel dry on its own.

Mix in personal stories and your unique personality to form more meaningful bonds with your followers.


4. Case Study Content: Showcase Client Success Stories

Case studies, testimonials, and client interviews showcase specific examples of how you've helped others.

This allows your work to speak for itself by highlighting specific examples of customer success.

When real people share their positive experiences, it makes your message seem more authentic and trustworthy.

Case studies reinforce that real people have benefited from working with you.


5. Conversion Content: Ask for the Sale

Conversion content encourages followers to take a desired action, like purchasing a product or service you offer.

Too often, businesses only sell, or only provide value. The best approach combines both.

Strategically mix promotional content and offers among other helpful, non-salesy value. This builds trust so that when you do suggest a product, the ask feels natural, not pushy.

For example:


Content Mix


A behind-the-scenes photo from your weekend


Industry myth-busting contrarian post


Step-by-step tutorial for your audience


Client success story


Product launch announcement


Enhance Your Content with Psychology

Using basic psychological marketing techniques can make your content 15-20X more effective.

In summary, blending these 5 content types helps you provide value, connect with your audience, and drive conversions on social media.

Stay focused on being helpful, not just selling. Strong relationships ultimately lead to sales.

What's your top tip for creating standout social media content? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


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