Top 7 Unusual Affiliate Marketing Niches That Make Tons of Money

Affiliate marketing is a great way for bloggers and content creators to monetize their content by promoting relevant products and services.

While many affiliate marketers focus on popular niches like tech, finance, and health, there are plenty of weird and unique niches with affiliate potential.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most unusual affiliate niches and how to successfully tap into them.


What Makes a Profitable Affiliate Niche?

So, what types of niches have the best affiliate monetization potential? Here are some factors to look for:

1. High Search Volume Keywords: Look for niche keywords with decent search volume. You want topics people are actively searching for information on so your content can get found and generate traffic. Tools like SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner can help find this data.

2. Affordable Products & Services: Look for niches with mid to higher-priced products and services. The higher the average sale amount, the more money you can make from your commissions. Just make sure they are still at affordable price points for your audience.

3. Established Affiliate Programs: Make sure there are reputable affiliate programs and merchants within your niche you can partner with. Look for programs with high commissions and trusted brands.

4. Low Competition Content: Target niche topics and keywords with lower competition. This makes it easier to rank high in search results and get traffic. Check domain authority scores of current top results to identify opportunities.


Weird and Wacky Niche Affiliate Opportunities

Here are some unusual niche ideas with money-making affiliate potential:

1. Spirituality and New Age Topics

Spirituality niches like astrology, tarot, and crystals have zealous followings. You can promote related products like:

  • Crystal healing stones
  • Tarot decks and cards
  • Astrology books, classes, and services
  • Meditation cushions and gear
  • Incense and smudging tools

When covering sensitive topics like spirituality, be transparent about your expertise and any affiliate relationships. Don't sacrifice your integrity simply to make quick money.


2. Pet Care for Exotic Animals

Cats and dogs dominate the pet space. But more exotic animals like reptiles, amphibians, birds, and small mammals have speciality products you can promote as an affiliate:

  • Terrariums, habitats, bedding
  • Specialty pet food
  • Heating lamps and thermometers
  • Hygiene and grooming tools
  • T-shirts, costumes and accessories

Catering to niche pet owners can be lucrative. Just be sure to promote ethical care and treatment of the animals.


3. Arts and Crafts Supplies

Creative hobbies like painting, knitting, jewellery making, scrapbooking, pottery, and more require specialized supplies and tools. Promote relevant affiliate products like:

  • Craft kits for kids and adults
  • DIY project guides and classes
  • Art supplies like paint, clay, paper, yarn, beads, etc.
  • Craft organization solutions

Spark affiliate commissions by appealing to hobbyists’ passions and need for project materials.


4. Facial Hair Grooming

With the popularity of full beards and moustaches, facial hair maintenance is a big business. Cater to proudly bewhiskered men with grooming affiliates like:

  • Beard oils, balms, butters
  • Electric trimmers and scissors
  • Beard combs and brushes
  • Shampoos and conditioners
  • Monthly beard care subscription boxes

Facial hair accessories like bow ties, sunglass straps, and travel grooming kits also offer affiliate potential.


5. Gardening and Backyard Farming

The grow-your-own-food movement continues to gain interest. Promote relevant gardening and small-farming affiliates like:

  • Seed starting kits
  • Gardening tools and shears
  • Hydroponics systems 
  • Greenhouses and cold frames
  • Beekeeping suits and smokers
  • Chicken coops
  • Goat feed and supplies

Appeal to self-sufficient lifestyles by promoting products that facilitate food production.


6. Sensitive Wellness Topics

Products related to sensitive health topics can also offer affiliate income:

  • Adult incontinence supplies
  • Hemorrhoid relief creams
  • Medications for ED or menopause 
  • Mental health books and support communities

Tread carefully and avoid overly promotional language when covering sensitive wellness topics. Focus on being helpful vs. salesy.


7. Adult-Oriented Products

Adult niches like intimacy products and relationship advice let you tap into an engaged audience. Ethically promote affiliates like:

  • Sex toys and lingerie
  • Couples games and gifts
  • Online couples counselling
  • Dating sites and services
  • Feminine hygiene products

Use tasteful language and discretion when promoting adult products to avoid alienating potential customers.

The key is finding niches aligned with your interests and audience that offer affiliate products you feel comfortable endorsing. 

Avoid niches that could damage your reputation or go against your personal values simply for quick cash.


Driving Traffic to Affiliate Content

Once you create awesome affiliate content, driving traffic is essential for earning commissions. Some top strategies include:

1. Leveraging SEO: Target keywords buyers are searching for. Optimizing content for SEO helps people find your recommendations.

2. Email marketing: Send affiliate links and deals directly to subscribers who opted into your list. Email converts at higher rates than most channels.

3. Pinterest: Curate affiliate product boards aligned with your niche. Pinterest is a top referral source for many affiliate marketers.

4. Social media: Promote your best affiliate content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Insert affiliate links in your profile too.

5. YouTube: Unboxing videos and vlogs featuring affiliate products help drive interested traffic. Remember to disclose affiliate relationships.

6. Retargeting ads: Remarket affiliate product recommendations to previous site visitors across the web. Retargeting helps close the sale.

Diversify traffic sources to build a sustainable affiliate marketing business. Relying solely on unstable channels like Google is risky.


Final Thoughts

Weird niches offer a compelling way to put your unique interests and passions to work earning affiliate commissions. Just make sure to thoroughly validate demand and profitability before investing time in creating content.

Focus on delivering genuine value to readers rather than optimizing solely for affiliate income. Transparency and ethical practices build loyalty.

With a thoughtful niche and excellent content, you can turn your quirky interests into an engaging affiliate site.

The key is matching high-quality recommendations with an enthusiastic audience. From beard balm to tarot cards, start exploring overlooked niche possibilities today!

What unconventional niche would you be interested in creating an affiliate site around? Let me know in the comments below!


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