How to Make Money Copying MemeCoins Whale Traders

Are you tired of always being late to the party on meme coin pumps? Say goodbye to FOMO and learn my secrets for spotting the next big thing before it explodes.

Let's kick things off with a recent real-world example that perfectly illustrates the power of getting in early on the right meme coins. Have you heard of the $FIW token? This little gem recently pumped to a whopping $9 million market cap at its peak!

Even if you got in fairly late, just buying a tiny 0.1 SOL bag before the pump could have nabbed you a cool 50x gain. Not too shabby for aping into a risky meme coin, eh?

I actually grabbed a bag of $FIW myself because I think it has serious potential to be the next big meme coin in the upcoming season. The token seems tightly connected to the popular $WIF project, likely created by the same devs based on on-chain analysis by the legendary ZXWing.

The Secret: Tracking Key Whale Wallets

So how did some crypto sleuths manage to catch frenzies like the $FIW pump so early? The strategy is brilliantly simple: track the wallets of influential meme coin traders and devs, then ape in when they make subtle moves.

One trailblazer who has mastered this technique is none other than the infamous Mr. Frog. This crafty trader has an uncanny knack for sniffing out baby meme coins with explosive potential before anyone's even heard of them.

The first step is finding his wallet address, which you can often dig up from his media posts on Twitter or by searching "Mr. Frog wallet tracker" on Telegram. Tools like SolanaRayBlue make it easy to track and get notifications for any wallets you add.

For example, Mr. Frog's wallet was loading up on $FIW tokens a full 4 hours before he ever tweeted about it. If you were watching closely, you could have aped in at an exponentially lower cap!

Pro Tip: Don't just blindly copy whale wallets trade-for-trade. Do your research on each project first to avoid getting rekt. Whale traders often use their followings as exit liquidity, so tread carefully.

Going Deeper: Following The Smart Money

The wallet tracking game goes far beyond just big influencers too. You can also look into the wallets of actual project creators and developers to get even earlier entries.

For instance, the $WIF token deployer wallet was buying up other micro-caps like $ZAZU days before any hype. Copycatting that trade at the time could have handed you entries with a 5x-10x upside!

To find deployer wallets, head to the SolScan page for a project's token contract and click the "Update Authority" section. This will reveal the wallet address that deployed that specific contract - i.e. the creator or dev team's wallet.

From there, add it to your tracking list using a tracking tool like SolanaRayBlue, and wait for them to make some under-the-radar buys before the token pumps.

Doing Your Due Diligence

Of course, blindly aping into every token that major wallets buy is a surefire way to get rekt. You need to practice smart risk management by properly vetting each coin before entering. Here are some key areas to inspect:

Volume & Community Hype

  • Check if the token has decent trading volume (≥100k is ideal for safer entries)
  • Gauge community excitement by monitoring Telegram groups and Twitter replies
  • Look for signs of natural grassroots hype rather than artificial pump groups

Token Distribution

  • Use DEXScreener to analyze the current token holder makeup
  • Avoid tokens with tight supply concentrated in just a few wallets
  • Run the contract through RugChecker to scan for known rug risks

Fundamentals & Meme Appeal

  • Skim the website, Twitter, and Telegram to gauge production quality
  • Look for clever, attention-grabbing themes and reasonable developer effort
  • Be honest: is the core meme concept understandable and appealing?

Entry Point & Catalyst

  • Review the DEXScreener chart and identify any price levels to target
  • Anticipate an upcoming catalyst like a token burn, influencer pump, etc.
  • Time entries ahead of price spikes caused by news, new listings, etc.

By patiently waiting for high-quality setups that check all these boxes, you can dramatically improve your chances of catching that next explosive 100x meme coin versus just aimlessly aping.

The Bottom Line

Listen, the life of a meme coin degen isn't easy. It takes a lot of discipline, research, and timing to consistently score big wins in this casino we call crypto.

But by putting in the work to vigilantly track the right wallets and practice judicious due diligence, you can regularly position yourself for moonshot opportunities that leave buy-and-hold investors in the dust.

Will you nail the perfect entry on every single gem? Of course not - even seasoned traders like Mr. Frog miss out sometimes. But by playing your cards right, you'll steadily accumulate enough of those sweet, sweet 50x-100x scores to make it all worthwhile.

So, what are you waiting for? Start tracking those whale wallets, with SolanaRayBlue, analyze every project to a tee, and don't hesitate to go against the herd when you spot a golden nugget. The life of a meme scout may not be easy...but damn, is it fun and rewarding!

Let me know if you need any other tactical advice for hunting down meme coin gems. The game is afoot!

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